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Pairing actors with filmmakers to create the most memorable
cinematic showreel drama scenes. 

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We’ve rebranded from Artist Promotion by jj splice to JJ Splice Showreels. Find out more…

Filmmakers with a track record.

jj splice’s feature films have been theatrically released around the world, winning dozens of awards. Showreels are a creative outlet which allows actors to work with established and emerging film artists to showcase and explore dramatic craft.

I’m totally blown away by the editing, the lighting, framing. These look like scenes from a film, the way you’ve created different tones and themes is genius!
— Michael Grocholsky

Supportive and collaborative.

We have collaborated with (and often discovered) Australia's most sought-after performers. No two actors work in quite the same way and forming a collaborative bond allows us to get to the heart of subtext and objective and develop meaningful creative relationships.

A relaxed and creative atmosphere with a focus on quality, providing careful guidance and striving to capture the best possible performance. Wonderfully professional!
— Ainsley Melham

Best facilities available.

JJ Splice Showreels has access to the same technology as the worlds biggest film studios, including RED Digital Cinema cameras and Zeiss prime lenses. Our high-end post-production facilities ensure eye-catching results every time.

You perfectly captured what I was looking for. The cinematography is excellent. Definitely the best showreels in Sydney.
— James Culbert

Individual style.

Our reels don't look like 'scenes for hire', they look like scenes from an actual film or TV show. By engaging jj splice to create a unique style, tailored to your specific objectives and casting range, you create the perception of a body of work to stand out in an industry where first impressions are everything. 

I’ve had such amazing feedback from agents and directors who absolutely love your choices and style. Thank you so much!!
— Cezar Zamfir

Work with us

Shoot on location or at jj splice films and explore contrasting sides of your screen presence and performance skill. 

  • Cinema quality camera & lenses, wireless lapel microphones and cinema-style lighting

  • Multiple camera angles (close-ups, mid-shots, wide-shots)

  • Multiple takes to create the best possible performance in the edit

  • Distinctive visual style

  • Rehearse on set with the director

  • Full post-production: edit, colour grade, sound design and music

  • Digital delivery with links for easy download and promotion on any platform

from $599

It’s so rare to be able translate your vision from the page to the screen but Artist Promotion put in the extra work to make sure that this was achieved to the highest standard. The facilities at jj splice are amazing and the team are super easy to work with.
— Dean Michael Smith
The Artist Promotion team were so easy-going and well prepared, our busy shoot day ran super smoothly, and the finished product is a beautiful, professionally crafted piece.
— Alex Rathgeber

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